The Proven Benefits of Studying online

  • Study at your own pace with our state of the art online platform: review, refresh and catch up

  • Flexible 100% online studying: all materials available 24/7 online from any mobile device

  • Interact with lecturers and fellow students from all over the world in real time life lectures

  • Enjoy a personalized approach: your progress is closely monitored and you will be supported by our dedicated academic team

  • Learn from expert tutors who have real professional experience to share and a passion for education

  • Focus on your studies and not your tuition fees – affordable fees without any compromises

  • Research the courses, and find the best solution for further career development in the constant demand IT fields.
$400.00 $300.00
$400.00 $300.00

Approved Programmes

The education provided offers a perfect solution for those wishing to learn new skills and further their knowledge in a flexible and enjoyable manner. The practical approach undertaken equips students with the most up-to-date industry developments and focuses on learning outcomes which are beneficial in a multitude of contexts.


List of international accreditationsApproved courses have been assessed by independent, internationally-recognised organisations. This means that the content and structure of these courses have been independently reviewed and approved for multi-disciplinary and industry-wide development purposes. The accrediting organisations have reviewed our processes, design, quality of content and delivery of the selected programmes offered.